Mortified by the rising number of store closures with staff losing their jobs and high streets losing their souls, I thought it was about time that technology was harnessed to help drive shoppers back to the high street.

The offer is very simple, use technology to allow shoppers to find what they are looking for near them and make the most of their friends by meeting up for a coffee.

Our objectives…

Help shoppers find the nearest shops selling what they want. We want to help our high streets thrive and buzz with people.  Shopping with friends, seeing exciting products from trusted brands and interesting shops is fun.

How much does it cost?

The search service is free to shoppers.

For businesses to list their stores and automatically update their stock levels daily, the service will be free until at 1st January 2020 unless circumstances require otherwise. The future cost is envisaged to be around £10/month per store to cover technical and marketing costs.